Raising Money with Art for the amazing South West Deer Rescue Centre!

I have been wanting to visit this place for many months now and finally in October 2014 I got to visit the South West Deer Rescue Centre in Somerset. It is a fantastic sanctuary for deer boasting several magnificent stags that look like something out of a fairy-tail, these mythical looking beasts are about 7 feet tall with antlers with an incredible amount of points! I was kindly shown round with my husband by Mike who runs the Centre and has dedicated his life to it. There are many types of deer at the Centre, from the huge Red Deer, to the stunning Sika Deer, right down to the tiny Munt-Jack Deer. The last field I went to was full of White-Red Deer, including a large white stag who was running around and chasing all the females – was a truly stunning sight to behold. The deer live over several fields so we were carted round on Mike’s quad bike for the best part of 3 hours. There was also no fee – all he asks for is a donation! This has led to me creating a one-off canvas print to raise money for the Centre, of a piece I created called ‘Wild Splendour’, which depicts one of the stags that live there. The piece is up for auction now on Ebay and all money will be going to the Centre. It is such a worthwhile cause so I hope you’ll bid or even better visit one day and donate to the Centre directly. It was a great experience that I will never forget and I will definitely return to the park in the future for more artistic inspiration 🙂  http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wild-Splendour-OneOff-Canvas-Print-by-Louise-McNaught-for-SWDRC-/400807559005


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