Time-lapse Video of my ‘Wild Ritual’ Stag Painting Commission

This is a stop-motion video of a commission I did recently based on an earlier piece I did called ‘Wild Ritual’ of two rutting stags! It was quite a large commission that involved using gold leaf, acrylic and pencil – hope you enjoy it :)!

Time-lapse video of my painting of an unravelling Zebra….

This video was filmed over the period of a week and is of ones of my ‘unravelling zebra paintings called ‘Fragmented Freedom – #Cadmium’. It’s about the preciousness of our natural world, and how the most beautiful things may disappear due to the intervention of man and technology, symbolised by the dripping paint. The zebra looks as though it is unravelling, fading away. The paint is rising up like the zebra is disappearing into the ether, adding a sense of the numinous…. Hope you enjoy it, its about 2 mins long 🙂

Time-lapse Video of me creating one of my Neon Stag Painted-Drawings…

‘In the Stillness of a Hummingbird’s Eye 3#’, acrylic, spray paint and pencil on linen (2013)

This was over the period of a whole day an shows the layers of paint and pencil involved in making one of my pieces…. enjoy 🙂